Our Ecosystem

At Emarcentral, we are focused on providing maximum value to the emar Coin through diversified global business investments, innovative projects, and millionaire raffles.

Community Benefits

emar token holders will be able to access special privileges on new projects and early staking benefits.

Safe & Secure

Safe and secure transaction of emar tokens on the Tron network.


Converting real-world assets into digital tokens with secure smart contracts.

Payment Functions

emar tokens exist as an internal means of payment within the emar ecosystem.

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How to Start


Create an emar account with username and password


Get the emar token which are currently available for community members.


Relish the benefits of it by participating in emar projects.

What we offer?

emar Ecosystem is transforming the way assets and money grow in the market with our unique decentralized projects enabling simple and secure trading experience.

Raffles & Games

Get a chance to win exciting prizes by participating in emar Raffle with just 1 emar Token!

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emar e-Gold

Tokenize physical gold into a digital asset for easy and secure cross-country trading.

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Liquidity Pool

Introducing our unique Reverse Bidding Exchange Project that enables us to buy emar tokens at the price offered by sellers

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emar Earthmark

Buy or invest in real estate projects securely across the globe using your emar Token.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a token deployed on Tron Network with currently around 50,000 holders that relish the benefits of it by participating in emar projects.

Emar central is a community-based project that utilizes blockchain technology to provide a simple, trusted, and secure decentralized platform. We aim to transform the way people do finance within our community and see our community grow. For this, we introduced the emar ecosystem that would benefit our community members to grow by participating in projects and which would eventually appreciate the value of the emar token.

emar tokens are currently available for community members. It will soon be made open for public trading.

Community members can participate in projects by signing up for different projects and using their emar tokens from the projects section.

Community members can become a part of all the projects of the emar ecosystem. However, currently, Raffles is active and the rest of the projects are coming soon to excite you.