Redefining the way you invest in real estate

At emar we aim to provide opportunities that have no boundaries. Earthmark enables you to directly access and invest in real estate projects from across the globe. The fusion of our real estate expertise and blockchain-based security provides you an edge above the rest.


Get your emar e-Gold from anywhere in the world just in a few clicks.


No additional charges are imposed on any transaction to get or redeem your e-Gold.


You can invest in small amounts, over multiple transactions building a strong and secure financial portfolio.


Claim and redeem your physical gold at the current market price anytime. With a nominal conversion fee.


Yield regular profits by staking your eGold that would make you stand out from traditional investors.


Your Gold is stored within fully secure and certified vaults at Emar Central.

How it Works?

  • emar token holders have access to explore the real estate projects partnered with Emar Central.
  • Investors can buy shares in projects under suitable schemes using emar tokens.
  • The projects can then be tracked using Earthmark Dashboard.
  • Avail regular returns on the investment.