About emar eGold

Gold is the most reliable investment to add to one’s portfolio. We at emar are transforming the way you invest, with our universally tradable emar eGold. The exciting new gold minting platform let’s you invest in the finest gold and gain profits from the bullion market as well from the high returning staking plans. Each amount of gold that you buy is backed by real gold in our secure vaults. Our best in class technology makes the emar eGold ecosystem secure and transparent providing the smartest investing.

Ease with No Boundaries

Get your emar e-Gold from anywhere in the world just in a few clicks.


No additional charges are imposed on any transaction to get or redeem your e-Gold.


You can invest in small amounts, over multiple transactions building a strong and secure financial portfolio.

Easy Redeem

Claim and redeem your physical gold at the current market price anytime. With a nominal conversion fee.

Regular benefits

Yield regular profits by staking your eGold that would make you stand out from traditional investors.


Your Gold is stored within fully secure and certified vaults at Emar Central.


Easy to transfer, sell or gift eGold globally with your secure wallet.

How it Works?

From emar Token to e-Gold profits

Getting your emar eGold: emar Token holders can stake their emar to mint emar e-Gold. Equivalent value physical gold would be stored within fully secure and certified vaults at Emar Central.

The eGold holders would be able to manage and trace their eGold with utmost transparency using their wallets.

With staking emar token: Token holders could directly use emar tokens to participate in staking, providing them with a high staking yield in the form of eGold tokens which could be further added to their eGold balance opening up emar eGold benefits.

Benefit Options for eGold holders:

  • Redeem: emar allows the redemption of the eGold tokens back for gold through our outlets.
  • Holding: eGold can be kept safely stored in emar vaults for a longer time for capital gains from the bullion gold market.
  • Staking: eGold holders will have a wide range of staking options for a fixed period to obtain high returns on their assets in addition to the capital gains.